Get Active, with Intuitry’s Zumba Classes in Perth

Intuitry holds several Zumba classes a week in Kalamunda and Inglewood, where you can get your heart rate up in a fun and inclusive environment. If you’re looking for an exercise class where you can let go and immerse yourself in the music, Zumba is what you’re looking for.

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What is a Zumba class?

Zumba Fitness is a Latin dance-inspired aerobics fitness program that is designed to give you a full body workout, often described as exercise in disguise.

Why try our Zumba class in perth?

Intuitry Zumba Classes are all about the dance! If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t particularly like going to the gym for a workout, maybe gets bored with exercise or finds themselves making excuses like ‘it’s too hot’ or ‘it’s too wet’, Zumba will change your idea of what it means to work out.

Each Zumba class covers a range of dance styles from across the globe with simple steps that anyone can learn within a few short weeks. It’s a high energy hour of movement that focuses on bringing the fun back into your workout. No more timing yourself on a treadmill or counting out your reps.

Why our classes?


We want you to leave your world behind, and pride ourselves on choosing songs that inspire you to move. Party music from around the globe will leave you wanting more at the end of the hour.


Obligation-free fitness. You don’t have to book your Zumba class in Perth or pay for a term. The loyalty cards have no expiration. You keep coming back because you just can’t get enough.


Make no mistake, this is a workout. You just won't be thinking about it. Much like fartlek or interval training, we vary the intensity so you can put your all into each song.


It’s an atmosphere like no other. Escape to a world of frivolity. No other fitness program has ever left you feeling this buzzed after your workout.


Intuitry Zumba Classes are choreographed and led by a professional dancer, so you know you’re going to get quality moves and easy-to-follow instructing.


Zumba is for any age. Any background. Any fitness level. YOU choose how hard you want to dance. Don’t know how to dance? Don’t worry. You don’t need to.

What Clients Say

If you're looking for 'exercise' that doesn't feel like 'exercise' then this is it. I was looking to get fitter and healthier a few years ago when I was having a few health problems and a friend put me on to Russell's Zumba class. I just loved it right from the start. Great music, great people, great atmosphere. #hookedforlife #bestexercise

M.T. ● Zumba

I have been attending and loving Russell's classes for years now. He is a constant source of motivation and joy. Great music, warm, accepting crowd. More matter how tired you are/or the levels of stress you have, I guarantee you leave feeling energised.

K.D. ● Zumba

It's been over 9 years since I started going to Russell's classes. He is an amazing Zumba instructor who gives 100% in all his classes. His high energy and great routines help motivate you to keep going. I never thought exercise could be fun and you can't help leaving with a smile.

A.N. ● Zumba


Our zumba classes are led by our Zumba Instructor Russell.

Russell is passionate about making sure the moves match the music, so you feel like you're dancing, rather than doing reps. Russell began classes in latin and ballroom dancing at age 12, and has been teaching Zumba since 2010. Russell is also a registered fitness professional and non-diet dietitian, believing that your fitness classes should make you feel good, not like a punishment.

Class Times & Locations

6:30PM - 7:30PM

Kalamunda Agricultural Hall
Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre
48 Canning Rd, Kalamunda

6:30PM - 7:30PM

Bob Daniel Community Centre
895 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

9:30AM - 10:30AM

Kalamunda Agricultural Hall
Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre
48 Canning Rd, Kalamunda

Can’t make any of these class times? Check out one of our online classes here.

Class Prices





  • Cash or Eftpos available
  • Casual attendance (pay as you go)




PER 10 classes

  • Cash or Eftpos available
  • Available for use at all True Body Zumba classes
  • No expiration date
  • Save $30 over 10 classes

What to expect at your first zumba class

  • 1. When you first walk in
  • 2. Find your spot
  • 3. Class introduction
  • 4. The class begins
  • 5. Tailor your workout
  • 6. when it's all over too soon
  • 7. When you're coming back for more

When You First Walk In

You’ll meet your instructor or another smiling face. Let them know you’re new. You’ll get some great tips. Inside the hall you’ll find people of all shapes, sizes, ages and dance abilities. It’s a pretty social atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to say hi. To get the most out of the experience, come with the intention of having a good time and leave your inhibitions at the door with your entry fee.

Get to a class this week

Come along to our next Zumba class in Perth – we’re sure you’ll love it. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’re looking to change your relationship with your body and food, Intuitry also specialises in dietary advice, eating, weight and shape concerns as well as eating disorder treatment.

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