The purpose of this policy is to inform Intuitry’s clients of the expectations regarding payment of fees.


This policy applies to all current and potential Intuitry clients. The fees here are correct at the time of reading but are subject to change at the discretion of Intuitry.

Dietitian Consultations

01 - Accepted Methods of Payment

Clients are required to pay by credit/debit on the day of the appointment. 

Credit/Debit card details will then be stored through secure online storage to be debited at future appointments. Your card must be set-up for online payments. Payment by money order or bank cheque is not accepted. In some situations, clients may pay for their consultations by cash or bank transfer. This is at the discretion of Intuitry. If you wish to request payment by any method other than credit/debit card, please send a request prior to your appointment.

02 - Booking Policy

On booking your appointment, the session time is reserved as your own. Clients are expected to pay for their sessions, whether or not they choose to attend. Session fees will be debited from the card details provided on the day of appointment.

03 - Session Fee Schedule

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation – $185 per session
  • Review Consultation (Standard) – $155 per session
  • Review Consultation (Brief) – $92 per session

Principal Accredited Practicing Dietitian

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation – $215 per session
  • Review Consultation (Standard) – $175 per session
  • Review Consultation (Brief) – $107 per session

12 Month Post-Operative Care Package

  • 5x Post-operative reviews – $875 per package

Fees correct as of September 2023.

04 - Medicare & Private Health

You are able to claim a Medicare rebate towards the cost of your Nutrition Consultations if you are referred to Intuitry by your GP with a care plan under the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

If you have Private Health Insurance, you may be able to claim some of the cost of your Nutrition Consultations. The amount can vary significantly between funds and you will need to contact your private health fund to determine if you are able to claim and how much they will contribute.

Item numbers to provide Private Health Funds

  • Initial Consult – Item Number 500
  • Review Consult – Item Number 600
  • Initial Consult (Virtual/Telehealth) – Item Number 301
  • Review Consult (Virtual/Telehealth) – Item Number 302

05 - Cancellations

Clients are required to provide adequate notice if they wish to cancel or reschedule their appointment, except in the case of serious illness or other extenuating circumstances.

The notice can be given by the client or client’s parent/guardian directly to an Intuitry staff member in person or via SMS message, phone call or email. As per the Booking Policy, clients who fail to provide adequate notice of non-attendance will still be required to pay for their session. This will be charged to the Credit/Debit stored through secure online storage. 

Canceled and rescheduled sessions with the provision at least ONE (1) WHOLE BUSINESS DAY (two days prior to the appointment) are considered adequate notice given and will not attract any session fees.

If notice is given for cancellation or rescheduling of the session within ONE (1) WHOLE BUSINESS DAY (the day prior to the appointment), session fees will be charged at 50%.

If notice is not given before the day of your appointment (i.e. notice provided on the day of your appointment), or if no notice is given prior to the commencement of your session time, the full session fee will apply.


01 - Accepted Methods of Payment

Clients are required to pay or present their loyalty card on attendance at each class.

Payment can be made either by Cash or Credit/Debit card.

02 - Booking Policy

No booking necessary to Zumba classes.

03 - Class Fee Schedule

Casual Attendance (per class) - $16

Loyalty Card (10 classes) - $130

Fees correct as of February 2024.

04 - Loyalty Cards

Intuitry Loyalty Cards of 10x 60-minute classes can be purchased on attendance to a Zumba class. These are charged at a rate to provide a discounted cost of attendance to clients who wish to attend ongoing classes. On purchasing an Intuitry Loyalty Card, it becomes the client’s responsibility to look after the card and to present it at each class. Intuitry Loyalty Cards come with no expiration date.