How to pay

You can pay be either Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

Technical Stuff

Pick your device: Smartphone, iPad, Laptop and even your TV! You’ll find it easier if you put it on the biggest screen possible.

For TV, you can use a chromecast device or smart TV with chromecast built in, or even plugging an HDMI cable from your laptop to your TV.

For best video quality, plug an ethernet cable from your router to your computer/laptop. If that’s not an option, wifi will still work.

For best audio experience, play it LOUD. If playing from a phone, iPad or laptop, use external speakers. Best option is in-ear true wireless headphones that won’t irritate your neck while you dance.

Make sure your speakers are on and the video is not on mute.

Please ensure that your video is not muted by clicking the sound button on the left side of the bar (featured in image above). There should be no slash through it.

For best quality visual, make sure that the settings 'cog' is HD. **Note that if internet speed is slow, this will cause interrupted viewing.

The second button from the right of image above will allow you to chromecast to your TV. You will need to access the website on google chrome to do this.

The last button allows you to switch to full screen.

Scroll down for the video below. There will be some countdown before the class starts. Feel free to skip the countdown or warm up with your own dance party.

How to get ready

Get your dance space ready! Shove that couch out of the way, or get up on the dining table to really show off your moves.

Reduce the lighting in the room.

Make it private or get your family involved. I want you to lose yourself in the class.

Prepare like you’re actually going to class. Have your water bottle ready and nearby. If the surface you’ll be dancing on is better with shoes, get your sneakers on.

The last live streamed class is available for replay below.

Please support these online classes by contributing $5 per class.

What to expect at your first zumba class

  • 1. When you first walk in
  • 2. Find your spot
  • 3. Class introduction
  • 4. The class begins
  • 5. Tailor your workout
  • 6. when it's all over too soon
  • 7. When you're coming back for more

When You First Walk In

You’ll meet your instructor or another smiling face. Let them know you’re new. You’ll get some great tips. Inside the hall you’ll find people of all shapes, sizes, ages and dance abilities. It’s a pretty social atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to say hi. To get the most out of the experience, come with the intention of having a good time and leave your inhibitions at the door with your entry fee.