Nutrition Consultations and Fitness Classes that support you to

Let Go Of

The Food and

Body Rules

For good

A weight-neutral health service for people experiencing eating disorders, weight or shape concerns, or just really sick of dieting.

It doesn't have to always feel like this

Our people specialise in working with people who don't have the best relationship with food, exercise or their body. Whether you meet diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder, feel out of control, or you're sick of always being on a diet - this is where we come in.

  • You've been diagnosed with an eating disorder
  • You're worried that you might have an eating disorder
  • You're concerned about the way your child is eating
  • You're sick of thinking about food all the time
  • You keep losing and regaining weight again and again
  • You can't seem to find a fitness class that you stick to

Working together, we can change your experience of eating, exercising and your body.

What we offer


We specialise in the treatment of eating disorders and working with people who have weight & image concerns. Our nutrition consultations with Accredited Practicing Dietitians meet you where you're at and guide you towards a better relationship with food and your body.


Image of Russel teaching a zumba class

We offer classes free from weight/shape focus. Our classes aim to move you in a way that connects you to the things that really matter to you when you let go of the relentless pursuit of controlling your body. 

Our core values


We all share the human experience. We value the richness this can bring to working with other humans.


Where possible, by being present, and taking the time to respond in place of reacting, we can better come to choices that align with our intentions. We aim to be mindful of our own experiences and the diverse range of others'. We incorporate an appreciation of our client's traumas, neurodiversities, and recovery experiences in creating a space to work together.


To consider changing our experience of our body and eating, requires acknowledgement of the systems in which we live; the way they inform our self-view and privileges (or lack-thereof) that we are afforded. We value the expertise of not only the science, but the lived experience of those who have been marginalised.


Without a comfort in our authentic selves, we place our attention in performing a perceived more acceptable version of ourselves to feel like we fit in. We then drift further away from self acceptance as we lose confidence in ourselves being enough. Through developing authenticity, we are more able to choose what genuinely serves us well.


An essential ingredient in recovery is re-connecting. Connecting to your authentic self, connecting to your internal cues, your intuition, to the life you want to live and the people you want in it. We are able to develop ourselves by being a part of a genuine connection with the people we work with.

What Clients Say

Sanity and Life saver!!! Russell is UNIQUE, unlike any other dietitian. His approach enables you to combat a life-time of food, weight, and disordered eating trauma. After so many attempts, with so many 'experts' he is the real deal! He teaches you the strategies and tools to create freedom in this space... 

B.B. ● Nutrition Consultation

Russell is professional and caring, he is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to equip me with the tools and confidence to change a life time of disordered eating to something more intuitive and kind. His empathetic nature creates a safe space to explore and challenge my beliefs around eating and body...

F.S. ● Nutrition Consultation

Good for body, mind and soul… Awesome and inspirational, Russell is a great dancer and his Zumba class is always welcoming, full of fun and energy. I moved in ways I didn’t know my body could with Russell’s sexy, fun routines...

P.G. ● Zumba


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